My Heart Aches For Cheese

Here are the top 3 things I miss most while on the Whole Life Challenge. 

1. CHEESE- oh my do I miss cheese. It makes everything better. Even if its just a sprinkle. 

2. WINE- just saying…

3. SOY SAUCE- I mean, soy sauce goes on practically anything in my house. I’ve had to radically change my marinades because of this. 

When the WLC is over I plan on keeping many of the eating habits I’ve started with the implementation of these 3 things. Obviously, it will be in moderation, and I can totally kick the gluten habit. However, cheese and wine will soon be back in my belly. 🙂  


Our Family Blog

I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and start a blog. Sadly, we don’t live super exciting lives; however its nice to have an outlet thats a little more personal. 

So to get started… a lot has happened over the last week! I started CrossFit at CrossFit West Monroe, and with that began the Whole Life Challenge. So far I’m super impressed already with the results of the workouts and the diet change. I didn’t realize how much processed food, soy, and gluten products I consumed on a daily basis! I definitely feel better and its only been a week. 

Secondly….we added another member to the Place family this weekend. 🙂 Image

Meet Zaccheaus, or Zaccy for short. A good friend knew I was horse crazy and had a full sized horse of my own when I was younger. His parents had this cutie pie, but couldn’t take care of him so thats where I came along. He’s been at our house for only 24 hours, but has already gotten friendly (and fiesty) with Karma and Kimber and made this his home. More to come on all of our four legged kiddos in time. 

Whew, ok so first post has been made. Hopefully  I will keep this going and give some insight to our strange “country” life. 🙂